Aj Albulurb

Another Wing's


  You might have known him as "the bouncer from Cadillac Ranch" but Aj Albulurb is much more than that. After meeting with Wings Model Management owner, Jake Lang, Aj found himself in front of Calvein Klein Executives unknowingly starting an eventfull and professional career. Aj ended up doing the Calvin Fashion Show that summer in Milan, Italy. Once on the runway Aj used his "martial arts" skills to calm himself. When he walked out, in his pink suit and silver hair, everyone stood and applauded. That's when the reality of everything hit him. Success came fast afterwards.

          After booking the campaign in Milan, Aj ended up becoming a finalist in the V-Man competition, which he ended up winning out of 3,000 other entrants. He then flew to Ny, Ny and signed with FORD Models. When questioned about Aj's great success, Wing's Owner Jake Lang said, "He's an exception to the rules and has a unique look that everyone wants to photograph. I'm very excited about his future and I honestly can say the guy's just got 'it'"

          Once he settled down in NY, the up and coming model booked an editorial with GQ Style Magazine. Soon after           that he book the prestigious Calvin Klein Campaign!

Since then Aj ended up booking three GQ Style Editorials, along with ANOTHER VMan Editorial. He then went onto booking several other editorials in Germany, Milan, and Japan; making him MODEL NO. 2 in the WORLD!

          Aj now spends his time traveling back and forth between Milan and NY. He continues to book many exclusive editorials, campaigns, and fashion shows to this day. One Manager was quoted to say, "He's just got the right look, the right personality and the crossover appeal for every market."

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