Wings talent Cody Saintgnue lands role

              on NBC series "Southland".

Hope all is well with you and the Wings family!  We are a bit excited in the Rose-Saintgnue household! Although
it's a small part and supporting role, it's a beginning." says Cody's mom. 

Cody will be appearing in a new show NBC unveiled new spring programming  that include the new John Wellsdrama "Southland" (previously L.A.P.D.) that will debuted on Thursday's, April 9 (10-11 p.m. ET).  John Wells also produced E.R. and West Wing.


Cody Saintgnue joined the Wings Talent Division 2 years ago and has since been pursuing his acting passion. The first thing we noticed about Cody upon meeting him is that he has a huge smile that lights up a room.  We know his talent burns as bright as his smile.

*Cody Saintgnue, at the age of thirteen, was following a dream to act and model being blessed with good looks and a great personality.  The first time that we met him, we noticed that Cody never seemed to stop smiling, and he seemed to get along with everyone he encountered.  Cody’s smile would light up the room.  Only after experimenting with other local agencies and having no success did his mom Brenda and Cody decide to come to the Wings office in Cincinnati.
With some photos in hand and a very determined drive, Cody seemed a perfect candidate for the representation. Cody not only had personal ambition and a strong desire, he had the critical support of his mother.  Week after week, Cody improved his skills, and in the summer of 2007, he flew to Dallas.  To his mom, Cody seemed to gain a great deal of confidence while at the Expo.  Soon after competing, Cody and his mom took a short trip to L.A. to meet with some of the agents that gave callbacks from the Expo.  Shortly thereafter, Cody and his mom made the decision to sell their home in Dayton, Ohio, and relocate to the Los Angeles area.  Upon arrival in L.A., Cody signed with an agent, and then dove into acting, singing, and dancing classes.  His mom worked hard to ensure Cody kept his grades up and made it to all of his auditions and classes. 
The Mike Beaty Model & Talent Expo made it possible for Cody to be placed in front of talent scouts across the U.S and Internationally.  It was an exciting event says Brenda, Cody's mom, and it was that step that eventually led him to the heart of Hollywood, California. The Expo provided Cody a forum to demonstrate his skills as a budding and aspiring actor.  He entered every category but songwriting, determined to get noticed, while embracing the thrill of the competition, making new friends, and in the end opening up the doors to opportunity. He was fearless in his pursuit which garnered him three trophies in the young male teen category for acting, modeling, and headshot quality.
He is now represented by Brown Leader Management Group and by AKA Talent Agency.  Recently he booked the recurring role of Tristan, the son of Officer Chickie Herrera on NBC’s Southland, which might not have ever happened or come about so soon had Cody not taken the right steps and made the right contacts.  

Cody attends a guided independent study public charter school that provides a flexible schedule so as to be able to go out on auditions during the afternoons.  You will always find him working on his craft.  He recently completed a one-year intensive acting class at the Sanford Meisner Center in North Hollywood.  He enjoys learning new techniques that help him build his acting skills. 

Cody continues to find ways to express his talents through voice-over auditions, going out for print jobs, and taking voice lessons.   Over 16 years of age, Cody is currently preparing to take an exam that would allow him to audition for “legal 18” jobs and expand his audition opportunities even more.  He is enjoying learning about the acting business, and we can’t wait to see what else awaits him in his journey through Hollywood. 

Wings Model Management is very excited to share that Cody Saintgnue has a recurring role on Southland that will continue as the show makes its move to TNT starting January 12th.  On "Southland", Cody plays the part of Tristan, the teen son of Officer Chickie, played by Arija Bareikis.

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